MIGRATE - MIniaturized Gas flow foR Applications with enhanced Thermal Effects

Principle Investigators


Network Coordinator (NC)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jürgen Brandner


Lecturer at KIT, Professor (hon) for Micro Process Engineering at Technical University Dresden


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Microstructure Technology IMT, Microstructures and Process Sensors MPS


Expertise and Interests:

Micro Heat Exchangers

Thermal and Chemical Micro Process Engineering

Phase Transition and Multiphase Flows in Microscale

Micro Sensors and Measurement in Micro Devices

NMR in Microstructures

Microscale Visualization Technologies

Design and Manufacturing of Microstructures


Projects supervised within MIGRATE:

(ESR01)                Micro Pirani Sensor

(ESR02)                Heat Flux, Temperature and Pressure Micro Sensor

(ESR03)                Micro Photo Ionization Detector for VOC Gases

(ESR09)                Gas-Liquid Surface Micro Separators – VOCs trapping

(ESR15)                Heat Recovery from Micro Turbines

Administrative Coordinator (AC)


Dr. Martin Knapp
Project manager at department FORscience for proposal and project management

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Research Office (FOR)


Expertise and Interests:

Martin Knapp holds long-term experience in applying for and managing projects with EU (ERA-Net, Horizon 2020, Interreg) and national German funding (BMBF, MWK) and particularly is taking care for Marie Curie Actions as proposal and project manager.




Task Coordinator Work Package 1 Sensors and Sensing Techniques


Dr. David Newport



Thermal management
Mechanical Engineering
Micro Biological Flows
Optical Measurement Techniques (Thermo/Fluidic)

MIGRATE Activities:

ESR03 Development of a Miniaturized Photo Ionization Detector for VOC Detection
ESR04 Interferometric and UV Absorption Techniques for VOC Detection
ESR11 Dynamics of an Impinging Droplet for Thermal Management Applications
Work Package 1 Task Co-ordinator Sensors and Sensing Techniques




Task Coordinator Work Package 2

Dimitris Valougeorgis


Task Coordinator Work Package 3


Stefan Stefanov



Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Task 6

Ryan Enright

Senior Member of Technical Staff

Nokia Bell Labs, Dublin, Ireland


Expertise and Interests:

Micro/nanoscale heat/mass transfer
Single- and multiphase microfluidics
Materials interface engineering
Integrated optoelectronics thermal management


Projects supervised within MIGRATE:

(ESR 11) Pulsatile Gas Microflows for Electronics Cooling
(ESR 14) Thermal Conditioning by Nozzle Gas Microflows

https://www. bell-labs.com/usr/ryan.enright



Group Coordinator Group 1

Irina Graur Martin



Group Coordinator Group 2

Prof. Dr. Gian Luca Morini

Full Professor of Applied Thermal Engineering

Dipartimento di Ingeneria Industriale - Alma Mater Studorium Università di Bologna

Expertise and interests:
Micro Heat Exchangers
Micro Convection
Heat Pumps
Energy recovery systems
Project supervised within MIGRATE:
(ESR2) Heat Flux, Temperature and Pressure Micro sensors
(ESR13) Gas Micro Heat Exchangers



Training and Events Coordinator

Lucien Baldas



Scientific Supervisor

Erik Arlemark



Scientific Supervisor

Christine Barrot


Scientific Supervisor

Arjan Frijns


Scientific Supervisor

Marcos Rojas-Cardenas



Scientific Supervisor

Martin Wüest