MIGRATE - MIniaturized Gas flow foR Applications with enhanced Thermal Effects

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In this section, news and reviews on MIGRATE, but also on the project participants, are listed in order of appearance on the websites starting page.


International Symposium on Thermal Effects in Gas flows in Microscale ISTEGIM 2019

During this 2-day symposium, the members of the MIGRATE network will showcase the main achievements of the project. In addition, a variety of talks will be selected to present a state-of-the art view to the covered topics as well as new developments and research results.

The program will include keynote lectures, invited lectures and contributed papers. A call for extended abstracts will be published by early 2019. Detailed information about ISTEGIM 2019 will be presented on: www.istegim.eu

The symposium program will cover the following topics:
- Micro Sensors & Sensing Techniques
- Sampling and Analysis Microsystems
- Energy Recovery Microsystems

In each of these fields, new developments will be presented, concerning:
- Modelling, simulation and design tools
- Experimental techniques and measurements
- Materials and manufacturing techniques


Network member Prof. Dr Jason Reese passed

Much to our regret we have to inform about the sudden and totally unexpected passing of Prof. Dr. Jason Reese, University of Edinburgh, on March 8 2019 at the age of 51 years.

He had contributed significantly to the training of young researchers in both the GASMEMS and the MIGRATE projects to make each of these a great success with excellent outcomes.


Jason was a highly acknowledged scientist of outstanding reputation (see https://www.eng.ed.ac.uk/about/people/prof-jason-reese), an extremely friendly, nice humorous colleague and friend!


We all will miss his support and his positive attitude.



On behalf of the “MIGRATE” and “GASMEMS” members


J. Brandner

MIGRATE network coordinator


Career Development Workshop, January 24 th, 2019, Bologna, Italy

The MIGRATE project wants to provide specific support to the ESRs in further developing their careers. Therefore, a workshop on “Career Development” is organized in Cooperation with KIT personnel services to take place during the MIGRATE networking meeting in Bologna from January 24 to 25, 2019.

On the first day the workshop will contain two parts:

Self-Assessment (Simone Belgardt, Personnel Development and Vocational Training, KIT)

Within a personal orientation the ESRs will be given the opportunity to reflect on, analyse and evaluate their present professional situation and further develop their career plans.

Application Strategies (Sabine Reiser, Career Service & Alumni, KIT)

The second part focuses on how the ESRs can apply in a systematic and target-oriented way. The ESRs will learn about application principles and how they can prepare personalized application documents.

On the second day the ESRs will have the opportunity to arrange individual appointments with Simone Belgardt and Sabine Reiser to go into further detail.


MIGRATE ESR Daniel Mariuta participated in conference on Romanian RRI


Daniel Mariuta, ESR to the MIGRATE project, participated in a conference about Romanian research and innovation in European context hosted at the Romanian Embassy in Paris on 11th of November 2018 and opened by Romanian President Mr. Klaus Iohannis.


The Noble Prize Laureate for Physics 2018, Gerard Mourou presented his unique method of Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) that made the building of high power lasers possible. Ileana Flora from Ecole Polytechnique Paris presented the Transmission electron microscopy for nanosciences.


Daniel Mariuta contributed his MIGRATE topics to a Q&A session between these two main participants and Romanian scientists regarding EU research environment and challenges, Romanian research community issues and existing opportunities to continue their career back in the country.


Structure of the conference:


1.       Speech of Romanian President


2.       Gerard Mourou presentation of the work for which he received the Noble Prize. In 1985 , together with the other laureate Donna Strickland, he developed an absolutely new and original method, (https://www.nobelprize.org/uploads/2018/10/press-physics2018.pdf).  He has also presented the ELI-NP project from Bucuresti – Magurele, Romania where the most powerful laser (10 PW) worldwide will be inaugurated and disruptive achievements in nuclear physics are expected in the near future. This laser is the most expensive and complex ever build and it is closely linked with the last 30 years research of Professor Gerard Mourou.


3.       Transmission electron microscopy for nanosciences – Seeing the nanostructures growing atom by atom, Ileana FLOREA, researcher Ecole Polytechnique Paris.


4.       Q&A session between the two main participants and Romanian scientists present there. Main subjects were related to:


a.       EU research environment and challenges to overcome

b.      Romanian research community issues

c.       Existing opportunities for those scientists that want to come and continue their career back in the country


Short course on "Introductory GPU Computing for Fluid Dynamics Applications"

The course is organized by Aldo Frezzotti at Politecnico di Milano from October 3 to October 5. A detailed description of the course contents, of the needed material (personal computer with specific software installation options) and the CV of the lecturer, Dr. André Rigland Brodtkorb from the University of Oslo, can be found here.

The course is meant to serve as training for the ESRs from the MIGRATE network. However, it is open also to other postgraduate students. Just a basic knowledge of C programming language is required. Please register for free for one of the limited places until September 12 by sending an email to Aldo Frezzotti.


IUVSTA-Elsevier Award granted to MIGRATE ESR

Sofia Toto, ESR to the MIGRATE project, was awarded the IUVISTA-Elsevier Student Award at the 15th European Vacuum Conference. She presented an oral presentation entitled „Design and Manufacturing of a Wireless SAW-PIRANI Sensor with Extended Range“.
The IESA is to give partial financial support to up to four postgraduate research students within seven years of obtaining their first degree to help them attend the 15th European Vacuum Conference (EVC-15) in Geneva at which they were presenting a paper. More...


Third MIGRATE Summer School & Workshop, June 25 to 29, 2018, Bastia, Corsica, France

Following the first and second editions organized in Strasbourg in 2016 and in Sofia in 2017, the MIGRATE project of the European Community is glad to announce its 3rd International Workshop, taking place from June 27 to June 29, 2018 in Bastia, Corsica, FRANCE.

During the Summer School lectures from fundamental knowledge to advanced level will be presented and a deep view inside the topics will be provided. The workshop program will focus on several topics, too, covering different aspects of heat and mass transfer in gas-based micro-scale processes.

Please find more detailed information on the MIGRATE events' page.


Second MIGRATE Summer School & Workshop, June 26 to 30, 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

Following the first edition organized in Strasbourg in 2016, the MIGRATE project of the European Community is glad to announce its 2nd International Workshop, taking place on June 29 – 30, 2017 at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, BULGARIA.

The workshop program will focus on the several topics, covering different aspects of heat and mass transfer in gas-based micro-scale processes. Please find more detailed information within the announcement and Call for Papers for talks and posters published on the event's sub-page.


First MIGRATE Summer School  Workshop, June 27 to July 1 2016, Strasbourg

The MIGRATE project presents its 1st International Summer School and its 1st International Workshop, taking place at the University of Strasbourg, FRANCE, between June 27 - and July 1, 2016.

During an intensive two-day Summer School, lectures from fundamental knowledge to advanced level will be presented. Find more information on the deep view inside the topics covered by specific lectures, on registration and fees, as well as on important dates on the way to go on the events page.


Project Kick-off Meeting taking place Dec 8th in Eindhoven

MIGRATE is launched officially during the initial general assembly on Dec. 8 2015 in Eindhoven.

During this first meeting, several tasks necessary to start the project will be discussed and decided.

The project kick-off is scheduled prior to the 2nd European Conference on Non-equilibrium Gas Flows.

Both events will be hosted by the partners from Technical University of Eindhoven (TUE).


MIGRATE - ITN-ETN project started on Nov 1 2015

The Marie Sklodowska-Curie action 'MIniaturized Gas flow foR Applications with enhanced Thermal Effects - MIGRATE' is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Within the project MIGRATE some of the current challenges to innovation that face European industry with regard to heat and mass transfer in gas-based micro-scale processes will be addressed.

An ETN innovation training network will be established spanning numerical, experimental, theoretical and applied research experts across academia, large scale industry and high-tech SMEs.